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In this chaotic society based on social media, we wanted to create a place where teenagers like to be. Squod is created for high school students who value their independent judgment and are very intellectual. On top of that, these teenagers are socially aware, and they seek out authenticity. They want to go back to basics. Their core need in life is to seek enlightenment. That is exactly what we’re offering with our concept and brand. We are providing a place with a relaxed and comfortable ambiance where these individuals decide if they want to read as an individual or as part of something special, different, unique. There’s no wifi what will lead to conversation, socializing and a relaxing, calm ambiance. Their amusement and enlightenment will be rewarded with free drinks and something to satisfy the sweet tooth. A few times a week different events will be organized in collaboration with authors. We are providing a service, an experience, to gain the trust of these teenagers and becoming a second home to them, a part of their daily routine. We want them to be able to read whatever they want, whenever they want.

  • Concept Design & Branding
  • April, 2018
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