Concept Design

"Mama & Ik"

The main problem which involves Car2Go is that they aren’t as popular or known as Greenwheels for example. The company uses electric cars which don’t produce pollution. However this is also not known to the public, but it’s something our target audience is very interested in. The environmental conscious mothers only travel by bike, but it’s becoming harder to manage this when their kids want to be able to travel with them. Car2Go needs to own that they are environmentally aware and use electric cars to show that they are trying to fight environmental pollution. To get more into detail what our target audience’s perspective is, we created 15 insights. We decided to combine two insights so it would fit the perspective of the target audience perfectly along with the communication goal: “I want to be able to go anywhere, anytime without causing pollution so my children are still able to have a happy childhood without having to worry they will get sick.“ With this insight in mind we started sketching. After we decided our ‘best‘ sketch we quickly established we wanted to go for the ‘Before-Only‘ strategy. This approach is quite similar to ‘before-and-after,‘ where life before and after using the product is shown, except the ‘after‘ is the tagline, product name or logo (Pete Barry, 2016, p. 108). We want to show situations which may occur when traveling by bike from a child’s perspective. The reason why we chose this approach is to let our target audience identify themselves with the situations they are struggling in whenever they travel by bicycle and showcase their child’s thoughts. A child is everything to a parent and to see their negative reaction has quite a big impact. Because the ‘before‘ image is speaking for itself we didn’t believe it was neccessary to include an ‘after‘ situation as we create an itch for our target audience to find a solution within the tagline.

  • Concept Design
  • March, 2018
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