"Healthy Occasions"

'Healthy Occasions' has been made to highlight fruit as a luxury product instead of something that’s necessary for humans to eat. Whenever the target audience achieved something, they tend to buy themselves a gift which might be a bit more expensive than usual. With Healthy Occasions, a comparison is made between those ‘gifts’ and fruit to explain that fruit can be just as expensive, figurately, as they’re rich in vitamins and minerals. Symbols and figures of speech are applied to compare the different kinds of fruit to expensive gifts, in this case watches as they are more than what they seem. Watches are far more complicated than just a piece of glass covering a few numbers and arrows. A watch is made of so many tiny little components which you do not see. The same can be said for fruit. They are more than just food covered with color and filled with seeds. The copy strengthens the metaphor and explains what makes that type of fruit so expensive.

  • Concept Design
  • June, 2018
Project Photo Gallery