Storytelling, Experience, Value and Identity.
Making a concept with a moving value is something I love to do.
Said idea would be translated into copy as visual elements.
Offline and online. Therefore a small piece of the concept will always be with the target audience.
I am creative

We live in an ever changing world. This means that there has to be a sollution for a yet non-existing problem. I believe it's important to think ahead of what's possible.

I am honest

To put things in perspective is very important to me. Whoever the target audience may be, they need to see the world how it is. Everyone has an opinion, I want to bring them out.

I am human

People live for stories. They like to tell them, hear them, but most importantly, experience them. A product with story is an experience. A product without story is just a product.

Work Experience
01.Internship at De Vrijstaat

As a production intern.

02.Internship at CPLG

As a product development intern.

03.Kruidvat Employee

As a sales employee.

Recent Portfolio

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For many years I have added different programs to my skillset.

Ever since I was a little girl I was interested in storytelling. I wrote a lot of stories and soon after, I took an interest in AV. I started with Windows Movie Maker and after a few years I discovered Sony Vegas and Photoshop and I absolutely loved it! For the first time I could visualize my worlds, my stories, but most importantly my thoughts! During my studies, I discovered more programs and improved my skills.

Photoshop - 3 years experience

Illustrator - 2 years experience

After Effects - 2 years experience

Sony Vegas - 8 years experience

Premiere Pro - 2 years experience

Microsoft Office - 9 years experience

HTML5 - 2 years experience

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